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Manual Woodworkers Weavers Limited price sale Shower Popular products Curtain The in Delight Lord

Manual Woodworkers Weavers Shower Curtain, Delight in The Lord


Manual Woodworkers Weavers Shower Curtain, Delight in The Lord

Product description

Extend the look of your bedroom decor into the bathroom or onto the windows with this custom printed 100% polyester shower curtain. Button-hole top creates a finished look for the piece. Drape and quality means you don't have to confine it to the bath if you need a window covering. No matter where you use it, the care is easy, just machine wash and dry. Coordinates beautifully with Thumbprintz duvets, shams, pillows, rugs, dog beds, even totes and more available separately in a variety of sizes.

Manual Woodworkers Weavers Shower Curtain, Delight in The Lord

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