DJ,36,,Chill,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,DJ,American,Remote,,Fog,with,Low-Lying,$315,Entour,Lights,/mias701849.html $315 American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Fog with Remote, DJ Lights 36 Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Lights 36 with ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Remote Fog $315 American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Fog with Remote, DJ Lights 36 Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage DJ,36,,Chill,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,DJ,American,Remote,,Fog,with,Low-Lying,$315,Entour,Lights,/mias701849.html American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Lights 36 with ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Remote Fog

American DJ Entour Chill 70% OFF Outlet Low-Lying Lights 36 with Super beauty product restock quality top Remote Fog

American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Fog with Remote, DJ Lights 36


American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Fog with Remote, DJ Lights 36

Product description

Building upon the success of the popular Mister Kool low-fogger, the American DJ Entour Chill is an 800W high-output, continuous low-lying fog machine well suited for theatrical productions and concert tours as well as mobile entertainers and event companies. The Entour Chill uses ice cubes and water-based fog juice to create low-lying fog for dramatic and atmospheric effects for light shows in small- to medium-sized clubs or venues. The updated 800W heater system allows for continuous output for up to one hour, while its sophisticated electronic temperature control lets the machine heat up in three minutes and stay at the optimum temperature, ready for the immediate firing of the effect when it is required. The onboard menu system utilizes a 16-character LCD screen to provide easy setup for DMX, remote control, timed intermittent operation, or continuous output. The Entour Chill includes a water drainage bag, a wired remote control, and a power cord.

American DJ Entour Chill Low-Lying Fog with Remote, DJ Lights 36

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