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Karaoke Machine SOKERDY Portable 2021 autumn and winter new Bluetooth Singing Special Campaign Machi

Karaoke Machine,SOKERDY Portable Bluetooth Singing Karaoke Machi


Karaoke Machine,SOKERDY Portable Bluetooth Singing Karaoke Machi

Product Description

pa system

SOKERDY Portable Karaoke Machine

This karaoke machine can be used in many occasions.

  1. Power: 60W of 5 knobs
  2. Configuration: 15 inch bass + horn treble + color lights on both sides
  3. As much as possible to meet the needs of users
  4. Functions: USB, TF card, with Bluetooth, with display, FM, color box, 13.5V charger, small remote control, TWS, 2wireless microphone, pull rod, wheel, iron net
  5. It's very convenient to use!

Let's get the party start!

Karaoke Machine,SOKERDY Portable Bluetooth Singing Karaoke Machi

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