12 Sheets of Scented Drawer House Liners Regular dealer Meadow Cotton Summer $23 12 Sheets of Scented Drawer Liners | Cotton Meadow, Summer House Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,|,of,Sheets,$23,Scented,12,House,Summer,/depopulation496970.html,Drawer,Cotton,Meadow,,hizlisite.info.tr,Liners Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,|,of,Sheets,$23,Scented,12,House,Summer,/depopulation496970.html,Drawer,Cotton,Meadow,,hizlisite.info.tr,Liners 12 Sheets of Scented Drawer House Liners Regular dealer Meadow Cotton Summer $23 12 Sheets of Scented Drawer Liners | Cotton Meadow, Summer House Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

12 Sheets of Scented Max 87% OFF Drawer House Liners Regular dealer Meadow Cotton Summer

12 Sheets of Scented Drawer Liners | Cotton Meadow, Summer House


12 Sheets of Scented Drawer Liners | Cotton Meadow, Summer House

Product description

Tired of musty drawers and dull plain looking drawer liner? Then pick up these scented contact paper drawer liner in awesome design. These non adhesive fragrant drawer liners will not only make the drawers and cabinets look new but also make your clothes smell like they were just washed. Each sheet measures: 13.77 inch x 19.68 inch. Eco-friendly with recycled paper and 100% biodegradable, the scented sachet is great for use in closet corners, drawers, bathrooms, vacuum bags, cars, lockers. Do NOT tear open sachet, simply shake to use and let the fragrance freshen up your space!

12 Sheets of Scented Drawer Liners | Cotton Meadow, Summer House

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