Welcome to Sena Australia

About Sena Technologies, Inc.

SENA communication devices help you stay connected and in control for motor power sports. Whoever you are, there is a Sena for you.
Explore the communication headsets that rocked an entire industry. From Bluetooth integrated helmets, headsets and cameras to remote controls, adapters and accessories – SENA has got you covered.
Established in 1998, and after long standing success producing enterprise level Bluetooth® networking products, Sena released their first Bluetooth intercom headset, the SMH10 for motorcyclists in 2010 and have grown to become the leading innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor sports communication market worldwide.  
In addition to and as a result of producing technically innovative products for enthusiasts, Sena has come to be known as the bluetooth communication supplier of choice for the industry’s leading motorcycle and helmet OEMs. Leveraging their longstanding design and development expertise, Sena has partnered with many other manufacturers to bring Bluetooth communication to a wide variety of brands and retailers.
With 20+ years of technical development experience behind us, Sena continues to produce world leading communication solutions for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.
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Sena. Advancing Adventure.
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