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Vertx Men's Recon Pants


Vertx Men's Recon Pants

Product description

The Recon Pant offers maximum storage ability for those who need to balance loading and packing, with the ability to remain mobile and functional. Features 50/50 NYCO Ripstop for increased durability.

From the manufacturer


  • Flexible waistband, gusseted crotch and a higher rise in the back ensures a comfortable fit
  • Back pocket flaps with hook and loop closure keep items secure
  • Concealed zipper pocket on the right side
  • Discreet, streamlined tool pockets on each hip sized for smaller gear
  • Triple-bellowed inset cargo pockets with hook and loop closure expand for additional capacity
  • Elastic bands on the interior of cargo pockets to prevent contents from sliding
  • Angled thigh pockets for additional storage
  • Articulated double-reinforced knees with knee pad pouch and hook and loop closure
  • Mini-ripstop fabric delivers exceptional durability and resists damage from rugged environments
  • Six (6) reinforced belt loops are 0.5-inch wide and fit up to 1.75-inch wide belts
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Phantom LT Pant Phantom OPS Pant Fusion Pant RECON Pant - MC RECON Pant
No. of pockets 11 12 14 13 13
Fabric 6.5 oz. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Mini-ripstop 6.5 oz. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Mini-ripstop 7oz: 42% Polyester, 23% 37.5 Polyester, 35% Cotton 6.4 oz. 50/50 NYCO Ripstop Multicam 6.5 oz. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Mini-ripstop
Technology Mini-ripstop Mini-ripstop 37.5 Technology Mini-ripstop Mini-ripstop
Accomodates Tactical Belt up to 2 1/2" wide

Vertx Men's Recon Pants

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