Serato DJ Max 52% OFF Pro – Software Card Download Professional $111 Serato DJ Pro – Professional DJ Software (Download Card) Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment $111,Software,Serato,DJ,DJ,,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,–,Professional,Card),(Download,Pro,/bibliopegistic701893.html Serato DJ Max 52% OFF Pro – Software Card Download Professional $111 Serato DJ Pro – Professional DJ Software (Download Card) Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment $111,Software,Serato,DJ,DJ,,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,–,Professional,Card),(Download,Pro,/bibliopegistic701893.html

Serato DJ Max 52% OFF Pro Now on sale – Software Card Download Professional

Serato DJ Pro – Professional DJ Software (Download Card)


Serato DJ Pro – Professional DJ Software (Download Card)

Product description

This item is sold and shipped as a download card with printed instructions on how to download the software online and a serial number to authenticate the software after download. We’ve taken Serato's world famous digital vinyl emulation from Scratch Live and placed it into Serato DJ so you can now use your turntables or CDJs with Serato Noisemap to control Serato DJ. All you have to do is plug in the supported hardware and Serato DJ is ready to go. Powered by industry leaders iZotope with the choice of Single and Multi modes - enabling you to manipulate your songs and add another dimension to your mix. Choose Single mode to get in and tweak a range of parameters, or Multi FX mode which allows simple control using one knob per effect and FX chaining. Serato DJ for Vinyl, CDJ and DJ Controllers is the future of professional DJ software. Serato DJ 1.5 includes DVS support for the new Rane Sixty-Four and Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixers, as well as the Numark NS7 II, Pioneer DDJ‑SR and Pioneer DDJ‑SP1.

Serato DJ Pro – Professional DJ Software (Download Card)

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