$49 Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Long Prom Dress with Pockets Beaded Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women with,Pleated,Pockets,Double,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Satin,Beaded,/Gus546757.html,$49,Prom,hizlisite.info.tr,V-Neck,Long,Dress Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Shipping included Long with Pockets Beaded Prom Dress $49 Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Long Prom Dress with Pockets Beaded Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Shipping included Long with Pockets Beaded Prom Dress with,Pleated,Pockets,Double,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Satin,Beaded,/Gus546757.html,$49,Prom,hizlisite.info.tr,V-Neck,Long,Dress

Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Ranking TOP20 Shipping included Long with Pockets Beaded Prom Dress

Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Long Prom Dress with Pockets Beaded


Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Long Prom Dress with Pockets Beaded

Product description

Welcome to DCMall,we're a professional world's leading online retailer and seller of prom dresses,evening dresses,homecoming dresses,bridesmaid dresses,cocktail gowns and any special occasion dress. We offer high quality dresses to our customers.You can choose favorite dressess with high quality and affordable price.

Occasions: Homecoming, Prom, Evening, Formal, Party, Graduation, Dacing.

Customized sizes and colors are also available.There are more than 30 colors could be chosen,please feel free to contact us for more colors,please send us your detail measurements as follows:

1.Bust:___ inch or ___ cm

2.Waist:___ inch or ___ cm

3.Hip:___ inch or ___ cm

4.Hollow to floor without shoes:___ inch or ___ cm

5.Heel height:___ inch or ___ cm

6.Natural height:___ inch or ___ cm

Shipping time:

1.All of our deliveries are cooperate with FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS and the strength of international logistics service providers.

2.Production time:7-10 workdays for processing.

3.Shipping time:1.Standard shipping needs 7-10 workdays.2.Expedited Shipping needs 3-5 workdays.If you want it sooner than normal,please contact us before you place order.

Return policy:

1.When you receive the package, if you have any question,please contact us by Amazon Email.

2.We accept all reasonable returns, except for malicious purchases.


1.Because of many different factors,such as your monitor's resolution and light brightness.Therefore,the real color of the physical may be slightly different from the color you see on the site.

2.If you want to customized a dress that is more suitable for your style,please contact our customer service.And that all of our dress are handmade so the size may have an inch of deviation.

3.Accessories:The dress doesn't include any accessories,such as petticoat,gloves,shawl,crown,etc.

Double V-Neck Pleated Satin Long Prom Dress with Pockets Beaded

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