CAMARO,PONTIAC,93-97,$237,EFT,4,CLUTCH,CHEVY,/Coconuco496821.html,F,STAGE,KIT,,FOR,FLYWHEEL,Automotive , Replacement Parts It is very popular EFT STAGE 4 CLUTCH KIT FLYWHEEL 93-97 F FOR CHEVY CAMARO PONTIAC CAMARO,PONTIAC,93-97,$237,EFT,4,CLUTCH,CHEVY,/Coconuco496821.html,F,STAGE,KIT,,FOR,FLYWHEEL,Automotive , Replacement Parts It is very popular EFT STAGE 4 CLUTCH KIT FLYWHEEL 93-97 F FOR CHEVY CAMARO PONTIAC $237 EFT STAGE 4 CLUTCH KIT FLYWHEEL FOR 93-97 CHEVY CAMARO PONTIAC F Automotive Replacement Parts $237 EFT STAGE 4 CLUTCH KIT FLYWHEEL FOR 93-97 CHEVY CAMARO PONTIAC F Automotive Replacement Parts

It is very popular EFT STAGE 4 Nippon regular agency CLUTCH KIT FLYWHEEL 93-97 F FOR CHEVY CAMARO PONTIAC




Product description

EFT Racing Clutches are direct replacement clutches. It does not require modifications in order to fit on your vehicle. These clutches are designed for the individual whose goal is to have an ultimate strip/track clutch system. These clutches are designed to be used mainly on the strip and track usage. All EFT Racing clutches require a 500 mile break in period. EFT Racing Clutches only consist of the very best materials. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to support the increase in torque made from modified engines. Virtually indestructible 6-puck solid race discs have a high capacity center hub for a precise and direct clutch engagement. The 6-puck Copper Ceramic (also known as MIBA) disc features high-coefficient friction pads that are resistant to slippage and burst. Professional installation is recommended.

    Our Complete Clutch Kit and Flywheel combo kit includes:
EFT Racing HD Nodular Cast Flywheel

  • EFT Racing Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • EFT Racing Stage 4 Copper Ceramic 'MIBA' 6-Puck Rigid Clutch Disc
  • Release Bearing
  • Pilot Bushing
  • Alignment Tool
  • Installation Guide
  • Vehicle Application

    Fits 1993 - 1997 Chevy Camaro Z28; SS (5.7L 8cyl LT1)
    Fits 1993 - 1997 Pontiac Firebird Formula; Trans Am (5.7L 8cyl LT1)


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