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Tucson Mall Stainless Exhaust High Flow Catalytic for Compatible Converter 5% OFF H

Stainless Exhaust High Flow Catalytic Converter Compatible for H


Stainless Exhaust High Flow Catalytic Converter Compatible for H

Product description


  • Compatible For Honda Civic 1.8L 2006-2011


  • 100% Brand Newamp; High Quality
  • Emissions:48-State Legal (Cannot Ship to CA or NY)
  • Series:48-State Direct Fit
  • Tube material:Stainless Steel
  • Substrate Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions:17.5 in. overall length
  • Position: Front
  • O2 Sensor Port: Yes (2 sensor port)
  • Product fit:Direct Fit
  • Oxygen sensor location:Pre Catalyst amp; Midbed
  • Restricted States: California amp; New York


  • It is resistant to thermal shock and cracking,long service life.
  • It is high corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Main function is to convert toxic gases, pollutants to harmless gases,helps to purify treat car exhaust.
  • By using it,it can help to improve exhaust gas velocity, save horsepower and torque.Great emissions control,high efficient and work efficiently.
  • EPA OBD-II Approved.


  • Not legal for sale in California and New York !!
  • If your vehicle is registered in California or New York, do not purchase this part.
  • If your vehicle meets California requirements, but is not registered in California or New York,this converter will work on your vehicle.

Package Included:

  • 1Pcs x Catalytic Converter w/Installation Accessories

Stainless Exhaust High Flow Catalytic Converter Compatible for H

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