Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot and Max 75% OFF with Padded Seat Stool $37 Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot Stool with Padded Seat and Home Kitchen Furniture Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot and Max 75% OFF with Padded Seat Stool $37 Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot Stool with Padded Seat and Home Kitchen Furniture Padded,9010,$37,Specialties,with,Seat,Round,,/lancinate740403.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,and,Stool,Foot,I,Monarch Padded,9010,$37,Specialties,with,Seat,Round,,/lancinate740403.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,and,Stool,Foot,I,Monarch

Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot and Max 75% OFF with Padded Raleigh Mall Seat Stool

Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot Stool with Padded Seat and


Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot Stool with Padded Seat and

Product description

Meet the ideal sidekick for a sofa or chair: this small round ottoman with solid wood legs. Kick up your feet and rest them on the padded seat that is upholstered in a polyester fabric with a luxuriously plush, velvety texture. Supporting the soft, cushioned seat are 4 sturdy wooden legs that have a cylindrical shape and are slanted to better distribute weight. For additional stability, the legs are connected by crossbars which also function as footrests. The neutral tones of the natural wood legs and the grey velvet fabric coordinate with most décors. The round shape and thickness of the seat and legs give this pouf a simple, inviting charm that will add warmth to your living room or bedroom. Use it as a foot stool in front of a chair or couch. Next to a bed, it becomes a small table surface for placing reading material or a mobile device. Kids will love using it as a comfy stool to sit on. Plus, this ottoman is lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it to any room where you need an extra seat.

Monarch Specialties I 9010 Round Foot Stool with Padded Seat and

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