Chico,$25,Creek,x,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Signs,SALLY'S,,12,F,Matte,Sign,/jobbery740219.html,Farmhouse,18,Kitchen Super popular specialty store Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 F Matte 18 x Super popular specialty store Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 F Matte 18 x $25 Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 x 18 Matte F Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Chico,$25,Creek,x,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Signs,SALLY'S,,12,F,Matte,Sign,/jobbery740219.html,Farmhouse,18,Kitchen $25 Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 x 18 Matte F Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Super popular specialty store Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 F Matte 18 x Now free shipping

Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 x 18 Matte F


Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 x 18 Matte F

Product description

Size:12" x 18" Premium Matte

Premium Grade Sign - Made of .040" aluminum (60% thicker than other .025" aluminum and tin signs), this 12 inch by 18 inch sign is made in the USA with American made materials and American craftsmanship. It consists of an image baked into a LOW LUSTER powder coating over a thick heavy gauge aluminum. The image has the appearance of an aged and weathered sign with simulated rusted edges and scratched and faded paint on a low luster powder coated finish. It has smooth rounded corners and includes mounting holes.

Each sign is made to order and individually handcrafted. You will find reproductions, vintage looking original designs, clean, new looking signs without the rust and scratches, and many personalized designs. Our signs make great gifts and they are also perfect for your home, office, business, garage, man cave, she shed, dorm room, game room, kitchen or any place you'd like to display this unique sign. We have several thousand different designs available with more being added every day.

We offer many styles of personalized signs, many that can be customized with names or important dates.

The price of this sign includes FREE SHIPPING which usually takes 3 to 5 days in the United States.

  • Premium Grade -

    Chico Creek Signs SALLY'S Kitchen Farmhouse Sign 12 x 18 Matte F

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