Health Household , Household Supplies,Cello-Wrapped,Natural,$28,Wood,,Round,/issuable739990.html,Toothpicks,in Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Natural Toothpicks in Cheap mail order sales Health Household , Household Supplies,Cello-Wrapped,Natural,$28,Wood,,Round,/issuable739990.html,Toothpicks,in Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Natural Toothpicks in Cheap mail order sales $28 Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Toothpicks in Natural Health Household Household Supplies $28 Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Toothpicks in Natural Health Household Household Supplies

Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Natural Toothpicks in Cheap mail Sales for sale order sales

Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Toothpicks in Natural


Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Toothpicks in Natural

Product description

RIW15 Features: -Cellophane-wrapped wood toothpicks. -High-quality white birch. -Individually wrapped. -Sanded ultra-smooth. -Extra-sharp ends. -Color: Natural. Product Type: -Toothpicks. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -7.4 lbs. Utensil Length: -2.75".

Cello-Wrapped Round Wood Toothpicks in Natural

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