trust CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Holder and Sponge Sh $25 CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Sponge Holder and Red Apple Sh Home Kitchen Bath $25 CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Sponge Holder and Red Apple Sh Home Kitchen Bath $25,Apple,Scrubbie,Sh,Holder,Red,and,,/infusory740389.html,CalGals,Sponge,Shaped,Apple,Home Kitchen , Bath,Red trust CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Holder and Sponge Sh $25,Apple,Scrubbie,Sh,Holder,Red,and,,/infusory740389.html,CalGals,Sponge,Shaped,Apple,Home Kitchen , Bath,Red

trust CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Holder and Sponge Sh Brand new

CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Sponge Holder and Red Apple Sh


CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Sponge Holder and Red Apple Sh

Product description

This ceramic apple scrubby holder and soap dispenser will make a great addition to your apple kitchen décor. Perfect as a kitchen soap dispenser or bathroom soap dispenser. Ideal for dish soap, hand soap, lotion and more.

CalGals Red Apple Shaped Scrubbie Sponge Holder and Red Apple Sh

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