Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl with specialty shop and Nam Kids Adults Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl with specialty shop and Nam Kids Adults Nam,Name,,and,Adults,/eternal740087.html,for,Kids,Girl,Blanket,with,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Personalized,Baby,$28 Nam,Name,,and,Adults,/eternal740087.html,for,Kids,Girl,Blanket,with,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Personalized,Baby,$28 $28 Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl Kids and Adults with Nam Home Kitchen Bedding $28 Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl Kids and Adults with Nam Home Kitchen Bedding

Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl with Limited price specialty shop and Nam Kids Adults

Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl Kids and Adults with Nam


Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl Kids and Adults with Nam

Product description



Available size: 3 sizes are available according to your needs: Baby Blanket (30x40 inches), Medium (50x60 inches), Large (60x80 inches). Perfectly fits the full sized bed and works great for king sized bed while other quilt blankets are just too small.

Made of Ultra-soft material for maximum cuddling comfort

Easy to clean. Care Instructions: Machine wash, tumble dry.

Lightweight, durable and could be folded away compactly.

It is recommended that you use different sizes of blankets for different people.
Blankets size 30

Personalized Name Blanket for Baby Girl Kids and Adults with Nam

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